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Sunday, May 22, 2011

All you need to know about Loire Valley Wines (France)!

Loire Wines interesting website and in english!

A must read if you are planning to visit Loire Valley.

You'll discover a wonderful region in west of France that is home from authentic winemakers and large varieties of fine wines. Last but but not least it's a place where you can relax, be in touch with nature and enjoy very tasty meals.

Thank you thomas for letting us know about this website.

A personnal "Like" from Loire Valley Wines: 
Thanks to the large varieties of wines grown in Loire, you can enjoy a full diner only drinking Loire Valley Wines.
Let say that you'll be starting with a sparkling white (eg. sparkling Vouvray, Chenin Blanc grapes), then, going ahead with a dry white (eg. Sancerre, Sauvignon Blanc grapes, or Muscadet, Melon de Bourgogne grapes). Along the way, you'll be experimenting tanins from a red wine (Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil, Cabernet Franc grapes), continuing with a dry white (Montlouis, Chenin Blanc grapes) and finally chilling-out with a sweet white wine (Bonnezeaux, Chenin Blanc). Whaoua!

Most well-known Loire Valley grapes / related wines:
White grapes (dry, sweet, sparkling)
- Melon de Bourgogne : Muscadet
- Sauvignon blanc: Sancerre
- Chenin Blanc : Montlouis, Touraine, Côteaux de Layon
Red grapes
- Cabernet Franc : Chinon, Bourgueil
- Gamay : Anjou, Saumur

I have tasted and enjoyed very good wines from this region, some are listed on my blog, here below is a summary:
In 2008 (refer to  : Wines I tasted & enjoyed in 2008!)
- Bubulle 2007
Château Baudry - Les Grézeaux 2005
Fosse Seche Kelle
Gratien Flamme
- Les Clous - Fiefs Vendéens 2005
- Olga Raffault
- Domaine Sauveroy - Clos des Sables
In 2009 (refer to : Wines I tasted & enjoyed in 2009!)
Chinon 2005, Les Picasses
In 2010 (refer to : Wines I tasted & enjoyed in 2010!)
Domaine Pellé
In 2011 (refer to : Wine I tasted & enjoyed in 2011)
Domaine du Landreau Village
- Château de la Fessardière

Other websites :

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