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Monday, May 2, 2011

Wines from Thailand!

Dear wines lovers!
I would like to share with you my last wine discovery and experience. During my stay in Thailand I had the opportunity to taste and enjoy Thai wines.
I am planning to write some posts about my journey by one wineyard close to Hua Hin in the south west of Bangkok  : Monsoonvalley which is part of the Siam Winery group. 
For this post, I'll concentrate on giving general info about the wine industry in Thailand as well as a focus on Siam Winery highlighting some insights that could be useful business cases for other wine makers in the world.
To start with, here below are general information about wines in Thailand :

  • Total production in Thailand is 1.1 million bottles/ year and 1/3 of it is exported. (2008)
  • The wine industry in Thailand was valued at 400 million baht ($10.25 million) in 2000
  • The Market for Wine in Thailand Grew at an Annual Rate of 6.5%.
  • Leading manufacturer of Thailand’s wine industry is the Siam Winery.

Focus on Sian Winery (which owns Monsoonvalley wineyard):
Siam Winery is quite a large company that produce (Thailand) and import wines from various countries. They also recently launch a new beverage, a wine cooler under the Spy brand.
Three main brands are marketed : Monsoon Valley, Sabai and Spy
Personal insights : 
I would not have expected to find such a sucessful wine company in Thailland as far as it's size, brand activation actions and product range are concerned. From my point of view, they could give throughtful advices to distressed french wine makers for marketing and branding activities. They have for example built an impressive winery estate next to Huan Hin in the middle of the Monsoon Valley wineyard that's including a restaurant, a shop, a wine tasting area and a wineyard tour riding elephant!. This winery is a perfect application of the oenotourism concept that is a fast growing trend within this industry. Thanks to this estate, Siam Winery offers a unique experience to its potential customers which is also for sure helping positionning the brand. Certainly a benchmark for the french wine industry that count few of this kind of "flagship store", to use a retail wellknown strategy. They are also effective in product development as far as the Spy range for example. A wine cooler that found a lot of appeal next to asian women. I know there was some trials to launch such beverage targeting younger potential customers in France but it was not such a big sucess. Here again, product diversification is another strategy to consider in an highly competitive industry. The key for France producers could be to join forces and (re)launch such a beverage in asia.

Wines tasted : I would like to thanks Nichcha for her explanations during the tasting.
I will publish a specific post in the coming days. Stay tuned!

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