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Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Wines Tastings : Languedoc, Champagne, Minervois, Roussillon

Recall ranking : 1 to 5

1* : No special occasion. You just like to open a bottle of wine and have a good time with friends. What about enjoying some wine during a BBQ!
2* : For a basic diner. You are looking for a wine to light out your meal. Even if an omelete is not the most difficult meal to do, it's deserve a nice wine, yes it does!
3* : For a nice diner. You spend some times cooking and like to have a wine that is going to delight your guests and reward you for the quality of your diner.
4* : Special events.  Food is awesome. The diner is going to be a wonderfull experience from A to Z. Guests have enough oenological knowledge to enjoy the various aspects of the wine, and are able to share their drinking experience on-the-go. The wine has a paramount role in putting things together.
5* : Are you among the lucky ones that are ready to enjoy what it may look like a once in a lifetime experience. Prepare for the moon cause this is where this wine is going to bring you!. Your biggest issue : find a meal to pair with this faboulous wine and friends that can trully honor this moment with you. No wine rookie here!

2* 40. Coteaux du Languedoc, Domaine Ferri Arnaud, La Clape 2009

3* 41. Champagne, Guerlet, Blanc de Blanc

2* 42. Minervois, Domaine Jean-Baptiste Senat, La Nine

2* 43. Côtes du Roussillon, Hervé Bizeul, Walden