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Monday, October 4, 2010

Wines I tasted & enjoyed in 2010!

Name : Château la Coustarelle
Origin : France
AOC : Cahors
Vines : 90% Malbec and 10% Tannat
Wine grower : Caroline et Michel Cassot
Type : red
Vintage : 2006
Tasted : november 2010
Comments : dark robe, warm nose, smooth taste. The perfect match with a beef.

In my wine cellar : yes, september 2009, 3 bottles


Name : Domaine Pellé
Origin : France
AOC : Menetou-Salon
Vine : Sauvignon
Wine Grower : Pellé
Type : white
Vintage : 2008
Tasted : November 2010
Comments : in one word: terrific!. I opened this bottle with couple of connoisseur for a special "chef at home" diner type (please visit Green blog for an overview of it's wonderful creativity : We drank this bottle with scallops on a toast. We had a great time. It's a very well balanced wine with all you can expect from color to nose and tast.

In my wine cellar : yes, september 2009, 3 bottles


Name : Domaine des Pierres
Origin : France
AOC : Saint Amour
Wine Grower : Georges Trichard
Type : red
Vintage : 2007
Tasted : October 2010
Comments : I am a big fan of Beaujolais wines. This one is also great. What I like about Beaujolais wine is the typcial fresh fruity nose and the well balanced tanins. Chilled, those wine are perfect with almost all meals. 5 or 6€ wine.

In my wine cellar : yes, september 2010, 6 bottles


Name : Château Rivalan
Origin : France
AOC : Bordeax Supérieur
Wine Grower : P.Labegurie
Type : Red
Vintage : 2007
Tasted : October 2010
Comments : Thank you "Tonton" for making us discover this wine in 2008. The true expression of a great bordeaux wine. This what I called a"friends wine" that you open anytime, anywhere. The tanin are well balanced.

In my wine cellar : yes, December 2009, 12 bottles


Name : Castello Di Ama
Origin : Italy
AOC : Chianti Classico
Wine grower : Vigneto Bellavista
Type : red
Vintage : 1983
Tasted : September 2010
Comments : I participated to a Chianti tasting event and was lucky enough to taste several chianti's (7 in total). This one was my favorite. This wine had a real personality, and despite the years some tanins were remaining. These gave enough strength to last long enough to capture the taste of this wine.


Name : Quintaine
Origin : France
AOC : Mâcon Village
Wine grower : Guillemot Michel
Type : white
Vintage : 2005
Tasted : September 2010
Comments : incredible wine. The perfect balance between the butter ending taste of the chardonnay and something that taste like a sauvignon with a little touch of agrumes. A discovery that I recommend to anyone. The wine growers, Pierrette and Marc Guillemot Michel are dedicated to their passion and doing everything they can to follow the rythm of the nature to make their wine grow. We enjoyed this wine with a starter (rolled smoked salmon). Link in french, sorry.