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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Natural Wine Tasting: some pieces of advices to enjoy the wine and not keep a bad memory of these wines

Dear all,

I recently had a bad experience giving a white card to a sommelier in a restaurant.

The sommelier came back with a natural wine (without sulfur). No problem up to that point. Problem came when my family started the tasting: strange color, nose and taste...and the inevitable question arised: is the wine faulty seb?!

Problem is that The sommelier served the wine into our glass without explaining that a natural wine does not look and taste like an organic/non organic wine. I had to explain to my family that natural wines are very good but that they should not be tasted like the other wines especially as the bottle had just been opened and wine poured into our glasses.

So, here I go with my pieces of advice to make a natural wine a great experience:

- Bottle opening: 20 to 30mn before tasting
- Decanting is from my experience strongly recommended

The nose might smell very strange if annihilated right away same as the taste (some bubbly feeling on the tong). So, letting enough time for the wine to open is the key for successfully tasting such wine.

If you pour the wine straight away without having let the wine open/decant it, advise your guest not to smell/taste the wine before 5 to 10mn otherwine they may think the wine to be faulty/undrinkable.

More info/advices here:

Hope this help.



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