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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wine blind tasting : how to by WSJ and my own way!

Some advices by Wall Street Journal:

Personally, I recommend to make it easy, funny and straightforward :
10 persons
5 to 7 wines
1 color only (red or white usually)
Same range of prices to avoid discrepancies
Each participant brings one bottle or the host provides them all
Indicate where the wines are coming from (country or region). To make it a bit easier as we are not wine professionals !
Provide participant with an A4 paper with as many lines as wines: country/region of choice, tasting comments, ranking, right choice.
Hide all the bottles with socks from "head to toes" so that no one can guess by the shape of the bottle
Put a number on each bottle
Randomly poor wine from each bottle

The one who wins is the one that recognise all the wines!

I have organised several of them and so far no one got it all, so not as easy as you think!

Refer to one tasting we did for details and pictures:


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