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Sunday, January 20, 2013

#WBIS (Wine Business Innovation Summit) - status of the wine industry + conference minutes :How to sell to 25-35 yr old wine consumers?

#WBIS - 19/01/2013


Summit program

#wbis Robert Joseph (Wine expert), Rich Tomko ( CEO)
#wbis Robert Joseph (Wine expert), Rich Tomko ( CEO)
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1. Status of the wine industry powered by Intotheminds excellent team!
Pierre-Nicolas Schwab and his associates blended together their insights about
The industry and put it into perspective with #WBIS key input. Very interesting.

2. My conference notes below.
Quite interesting conference with experienced wine experts (Robert Joseph, Rich Tomko from Snooth) and an international audience of wine lovers.
Take home : know who's your target audience first, original stories and marketing (importance of social media) to attract the Y generation (from 1978)
  • Wine ratings: consumer cares about benchmark, people like numbers => help people to make up their choice
  • Looking for value : quality/price ratio index launched
  • Reassurance on the bottle : awards drive incremental sales
  • Amazon : why should wine selling should be any different (community input/driven)
  • If you sell entry level wine : your challenge, how to make wine of an everyday idea
  • Diversification : Stella Artois does cider now
  • Wine called 'Cup Cake' targeting women making a blast=> All range developed since incl. 'Little Black Dress' targetting Sex and the City Crowd
  • 50% of women in France are none drinker, 37% of men
  • Pb with gate keepers screening what consumer wants (e.g. journalist).
  • Promote the wine in a different way: Be creative, still with silmple concept and branding. Do not use fency words. Be humorous.
  • Use their words, their world.
  • Consumers disconnected with professional writers (journalist), the latest do not talk about wine they do no like that could actually meet new consumers expectation
  • Do not tell people what to do : food wine pairing. Actually, you are embarrassing them. If they do not do right, they do wrong!. Let people experience, put several bottles and let the social aspect of wine unfold
  • Wine tasting: go on the other side of the table to be close to the ones testing. No barrier in between (table)
  • Stop being prescriptive
  • Millennials (from 2000, US market trend): make their own discovery via social media
  • Just tell internaut what are the top5 (community rating)
  • : 42 y average audience
  • How to make wine more inspirational, Champagne makes it very good (Veuve Clicquot in the box)
  • Wine consumers are spirit drinkers as well
  • QR code is the most obvious thing to do (at the back of the bootle), good but why people should scan it?
  • Biggest wine retailer in the uk : tesco (uk)

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