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Monday, June 18, 2012

Life is about moment! - Koeberlé Kreyer, Grand Cru Gloeckelberg, Vendance Tardive Sélection de grains nobles 2000, Pinot Gris, Alsace

4* (max. 5 stars, my own ranking)

I am lucky enough to have had a chance to taste Grand Cru Gloeckelberg from Koeberlé Kreyer estate. What I wonderful moment, what a wine!

First of all, I'd like to thank my colleague and friend Robert, a real wine lover always ready to share his experience and wine tasting, who gently offered me the possibility to experience this wine. Let me give you some insights.
Preparation of the tasting : the bottle had been put in the fridge for about 3 hours as well as the glass.
The tasting : the nose is expressful, the color looks like gold.

In the mouth, the tasting is a full time experience during which feelings are following each other. First stage, the wine is gently but surely wrapping the entire mouth with a thin layer of sweetness. Few wine could actually achieve this result in quality and length. As this wine is perfectly balanced in terms of sweetness and acidity, the experience repeat itself. After the "sweet", here comes the acidity. As explained in the below video (refer to the last 20s), Vendange Tardives with Sélection de Grains Nobles wines tend to provide rather long finish. Typically the case here, what a length my dear reader!

I have to drop some words about the context of this wine. Let's study each element :
- Koeberlé Kreyer : independant wine makers since 1760!
Koeberlé Kreyer : Alsace independant wine makers
Koeberlé Kreyer : Alsace independant wine makers

- Gloeckelberg : place where the wineyard are located

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- Grape : Pinot gris also know as Tokay.
- Vendance Tardive with Sélection de Grains Nobles (source : Alsace Regional Wine Body):
Grains nobles grapes,  picked one by one is the key!
Grains nobles grapes (noble rot), hand-picked one by one in the vineyard!
Important to remember is that grains nobles grapes are not harvested every year as a combination of very specific conditions is required. “Sélection de Grains Nobles” indicated on the label may apply to the appellations of Alsace or Alsace Grand Cru. This classification designates exceptional wines produced according to criteria that are among the strictest of all of the French AOC wines. “Sélections de Grains Nobles” can be obtained through the successive hand-picking, in several passes, of grapes with Noble Rot (Botrytis Cinerea). Hand-picking usually happen in October. The concentration renders the identity of the specific grape varietal more subtle, creating greater overall intensity, complexity and exceptional length. These wines are true masterpieces.

Very very interesting easy going self-learning video : "Discovering Alsace wines with Joanna Simon : Vendanges Tardives/late harvest (grains nobles/noble rot)"

- 2000 : as 2005, 2000 is also an exceptional vintage.

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