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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Last tasted and enjoyed wine : German dry Rielsing

50. 3stars (max. 5stars, own ranking):
Charta Riesling (dry), Weingut Johannishof (Estate), Rheingau (Region), Germany

A very nice tasting. I think this is the first Rielsing from Germany I have ever tasted. This wine was served over Salmon Pastrami with Horseradish Mayonnaise and Watercress Salad.

Conclusion : very good wine. I definitely need to change my mind about Rielsing (there are not only sweet wines!). And, also start to make some room in my wine cellar for German Riesling.  

Below dedicated info about this wine, you'll also find key points to remember about German Riesling.

Charta Riesling (dry), Weingut Johannishof (Estate), Rheingau (Region), Germany
Charta Riesling (dry), Weingut Johannishof (Estate), Rheingau (Region), Germany

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As I am myself not that much knowledgeable about German wines, I thought I could share my findings with you. 

You'll find below key points to remember about German Riesling.

Video : Wines of Germany and the WSET have produced a video (presented by Jancis Robinson, Master in Wine)

Historically, Riesling has roots in Germany’s Rheingau region that date back to at least the 15th century. There are 13 designated German wine regions, with the top 4 or 5 worth committing to memory

13 wine regions : focus on Rheingau (region where this wine is coming from)
Rheingau - Situated along the Rhine river, Rheingau is home to one of Germany's most famous Riesling Estates, Schloss Johannisberg. It's believed that Charlemagne helped promote viticulture in this region back in about 750 AD. The Rieslings from Rheingau have a reputation for being richer and more full-bodied than those hailing from the Mosel region. Rheingau villages to look for on the label: Johannisberg, Oestrich, Hochheim, Erbach and Rauenthal.

Here is a classification of German white wines
To keep in mind is level sweetness and related quality level (extreme right column).
Especially : Eiswein (sweet), Aulese (Semi-sweet), Charta (dry).

German wine classification - Wikipedia
German wine classification - Wikipedia

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