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Monday, April 30, 2012

Wine reading list : comic strip "Les ignorants" by Etienne Davodeau & Richard Leroy

Comic strip cover : Les Ignorants (The Ignorants) by Etienne Davodeau
Comic strip cover page : les Ignorants (The Ignorants) by Etienne Davodeau
As explained by the author (Etienne D.), it's about a cross initiation where a Loire Valley winemaker (Richard Leroy) and Etienne D. share it's other passion. I have been informed by the author that the english version will be available in 2013 (in the US to start with). Still, the comic strips alone do help you to grab most of their adventures.

I had a very good time reading this comic strip that I have been offered by my very good friend Lore G.

+ : you do learn a lot the easy and funny away about comic strip and wine making!
+ : shows you once again that the more you know the better you understand other's culture and actually find a lot of common grounds!
- : should embedd a glass of wine (see below for wines portfolio) from Richard Leroy to get the full experience!

Richard Leroy, video extract from "La Clef des Terroirs", movie dedicated to winemakers only using natural processes to raise their wines

By the way, Richard Leroy wine portfolio (Video in french, sorry):
As I did not know wines from Richard D. before writing this reading review I happen to learn that he is recognized as a guru in the Loire Valley for it's Chenin Blanc dry white wines :Le Clos des Rouliers et Les Noel de Montbenault.

I did not find his website but here is infos about his wines on

Richard D. is "in love" with his terroir and do only rely on natural processes to raise his wine. The domaine is relatively small also allowing him to make what it seems (according my readings) one of the best expression of Chenin Blanc from Loire Valley.

Can't wait to test his wines and write you a more detailed tasting review!

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