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Saturday, October 1, 2011

1st wine interview - Thomas Meunier - Wine Pro

I'd like to start a new type of post by interviewing wines professionnals and wines lovers!
To initiate it, I asked Thomas Meunier, to answer few questions about wine. Aside of being one of my best friend, Thomas is passionnate about wine, a true authentic wine professionnal, and a very good coach when it comes to wine tasting!
Thank you very much Thomas for your answers.Keep on promoting "Authentic people that make authentic wine in a sustainable way which reveal the identity of a soil, a grape and a climate- the notion of Terroir.” (Authentique Vin).

  • First & Last Name: Thomas Meunier
  • Occupation in life : owner of Authentique Vin. French Wine importer for South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia.
  • Location : Chapel Hill, North Carolina, US

Your driver( s) in your pro life : Authenticity and humility

1.    What do you like about wine?
It's the best, simplest and shortest way of communication.

2.    How would you recommend to taste wine?
With the persons you love the most in your favorite and most comfortable place ;)
But if you ask how to taste wine in a technical way, I would say never forget to aerate or decant consistently the wine and use the most suitable glass.

3.    What's your favorite wine?
A dry and mineral Muscadet from Joseph Landron in the Loire Valley.
My favorite can change everyday depending of the temperature and my personal mood... So this one is the one for today ;)

4.    If you were a something related to wine (grape, terroir, wine...), what would you be, and why?
I would be a schist rock at the foot of a vine of Chenin Blanc in Savennieres, one of the most amazing Terroir that you can find overlooking the Loire river.

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