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Monday, August 8, 2011

Studying summer 2011 : lot's of wines testing ongoing...

Here is a list of wines I recently tasted and enjoyed. 

As you can see, I am fully endorsing my mission to help you discovering nice wines. These are mainly from France. As I am in vacations in France it's a bit difficult to taste non french wines.
What's interesting is that I am discovering wine areas that are not that wellknown. 

Here is the list:

.Domaine de Montgrignon, "Vin de Pays de la Meuse", East of France, white wine, Pinot Gris et Auxerrois grapes
I did not even think that this region in France would produce wines but there are some wines makers there that do very nice wines. Auxerrois is a local grape. this wine is a perfect image of the region, a bit harsh like the weather is goes well with cheese. Thanks to Lore dad's.
Google maps :,5.690918&spn=10.192603,23.269043&sll=46.75984,1.738281&sspn=10.643544,23.269043&z=6

."Vin de pays des Coteaux de Coiffy", East of France (south east of Champagne), Gamay grape, from Florence Pelletier 
I was quite surprised to find Gamay grape in this region as I thought that Gamay was mainly to be found in Loire or in Beaujolais region. Like the "vin du pays de la Meuse", this wine is typical and is not made to please everyone. We are again in front of a wine that fully represent the soil of a region where grapes need more strengths to fight against the freezing winters. This wine is shapped like a rock. Definitely to be tried out if you want if you want to know what terroir means. Thanks to Lore dad's.
Google maps :,5.690918&spn=10.41619,23.269043&sll=46.75984,1.738281&sspn=10.643544,23.269043&z=6

.Uby, "Vin de Pays Côtes de Gascogne" (south west of Bordeaux), Colombard-Ugni Blanc grapes
My first ever experience of Colombard was in Thailand (check a recent post). This wine would perfectly go with asian food. Full of sunny fruit taste but not a sweet wine. Ugni blanc is a local grape. Thank you Carine and Good luck in India. Send me some wines for testing purposes.
Google maps:,-0.065918&spn=11.185115,23.269043&sll=46.75984,1.738281&sspn=10.643544,23.269043&z=6

.Riesling Tradition, Alsace, 2009, riesling grape, from Mr.Stoeffler, indep. wine maker
I am not a bit fan of Alsace wines as even the dry white are often too sweet for me. But, this time it was a very pleasant surprise. The wine has a very nice acidity and a long lasting taste.Thank you Thomas.
Important :
2 wines of Mr. Stoeffler have recently been awarded best wines in the world (grapes based contest)!

Google maps :,7.470703&spn=10.316045,23.269043&sll=46.75984,1.738281&sspn=10.643544,23.269043&z=6

.Amphibolite, Muscadet (Loire Valley), Melon de Bourgogne grape, from Jo Landron, maker
Wine from the pope of Muscadet. Thought you knew all about Muscadet. Taste this wine, you'll be amazed by it's acidity and slight sparkling. Bio. By the way amphibolite is a type of rock that constitutes the soil on which the grape are being cultivated. Thank you Thomas. Time is too short but we spend very qualitative times with you, your familiies and friends. Good trip back to US.
Google maps:,+44115+Haute-Goulaine,+Loire-Atlantique,+Pays+de+la+Loire&hl=fr&ie=UTF8&ll=47.189712,-1.384277&spn=10.557841,23.269043&sll=46.75984,1.738281&sspn=10.643544,23.269043&geocode=FS8K0AIdqqvq_w&z=6

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