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Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's spring again, fruiting spurs are forming on my grape vine sitting on my balcony!

The vine that I bought in november 10 made it through the harsh Belgium winter!
That's already a positive news, as I was not sure he could survive as we had about 3 months of snow outhere.
But, finally, he is alive and showing some nice fruiting spurs that should give birth to grapes hopefully, I can't wait. I feel like a wine grower!
I only know that this vine is delivering white grapes as when I bought it there was still some grapes hanging. But the sales guy could only tell me that it was a vine from Italy. So, I checked on the web and found out that there are about 17 white vinesvarieties in Italy! so which one could it be, that's the question.
If anyone could tell me which Italian white vine variety it is, I would appreciate a lot!
By the way, for crazy people like me growing grape vine here is a website giving advices to make this miracle:

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