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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hungarian Wines

I recently had the chance to discuss with one of my colleague from Hungary.
As you can imagine we quickly talked about wine as Hungary is a wine growing area (for those of you that did not know it ;). In fact, you can find wine makers almost all accross the country!
There are 6 main wine making regions, the most famous one being, the Tokaj region where the Tokaje wine is being produced. The tokaje is a wellknown sweet wine (moelleux in french).
I certainly asked him some advices when it comes to chosing tasty wines but as hungarn is nothing close to french or english  and I did not take any notes I could not remenber the names he gave me and therefore would prefer not to give any wrong or milsleading information. So, just give me some times to gather the list from him and post it on this blogs so that we could all experience hungarian wines shortly!.
By then, some information :
For those of you that speak hungarn :
For the rest of us :

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