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Monday, April 4, 2011

30+ wines tasted & enjoyed!

Dear readers and fellow wines lovers,
Since I started to write this blog, I have listed more than 30 wines that I tasted and enjoyed.
As you'll see, no matter where the wine is coming from, the most important is the drinking experience.
In the below lists, you'll find wines from usual suspects wine making areas like France and Italy.
But, you'll also find some wines from less known areas like Georgia or Switzerland.
Thing is that I mainly have opportunities to taste french wines but, as long I enjoy a wine from wherever it may comes from, I'll list it. So, no discreminations!
From my point of view, wine is more a question of people rather than an origin.
Feel free to share your comments if you had opportunities to taste wines I listed or if you would like to let me know about wines I should taste.
Enjoy your next wine tasting!

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